NEWS JUST IN!  My acts of kindness for kids activity book “DO NICE BE KIND SPREAD HAPPY” published by IVY PRESS in UK and Kan Miller in U.S  out now and available here

Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy


The book has had some lovely reviews:

“An absolutely brilliant book that brings cheer to the world…” Cece Jones, Guardian

“Intensely create ideas..this book doesn’t purport to ease world hunger or solve political crises, but what it does do is work at the coalface of our future–our children … and their hearts.” Tania Mccartney, Kids’ Books Reviews

and is featured in the Guardian here

I’m touring U. S schools in September and October 2014 with Kane Miller/Usborne, visiting Colorado and Seattle, talking to kids about kindness and promoting the book and it’s ideas.

TOUR DATES for the theatre show 366 Days Of Kindness are here, we’re  done for this year now, but future dates will be posted shortly.


On the 18th August 2011, after a chance encounter in a Post Office, and in response to the 2011 Riots, I decided to do something kind for a stranger every day. To see the diary of the things I did every day go here

I recorded what I did on Facebook and twitter (#366daysofkindness @betterussell) and in my blog. At the end of the year I was invited to Woolfson and Tay gallery in Bermondsey where I exhibited photos and text from the year. On the last day of the year I “handed over” to my friend Sharon Calcutt who embarked on a year of her own (since then Sharon has “handed over” to Jenni Morris)

woolfson and tay

After the year was up, I realised that it was the best thing I had ever done, and I’d better just carry on! So I still do it every day (although I don’t post it every day as that got a bit…well… you know…)

Various things have happened as a result of this project:

On Valentine’s Day, with Alex Duggins from Time Out, my mates Chris Entwisle, Asif Iqbal and The Broken Biscuit Society, I travelled around London giving out V Day cards to total strangers.

me and Alexi Duggins in office of Time Out, about to start our Valentine's Day mission!

me and Alexi Duggins in office of Time Out, about to start our Valentine’s Day mission!

you can see more pics here

Interview (and impromptu music lesson) with on BBC Radio Saturday Live with the Milkman of Human Kindness Billy Bragg.

Radio 4 Saturday Live with Billy Bragg  Feb 14th 2013

Radio 4 Saturday Live with Billy Bragg Feb 14th 2013

you can listen to the interview  here: 

PRX Radio documentary The Kindness of Strangers made about the year, broadcast world wide, with Kirsty McQuire

Me and the actual milkman.

Me and the actual milkman.

you can listen to the documentary  here:

An interactive installation with Deptford X and South Bank Centre called Dear Stranger.

You can see pictures here:

A theatre show, created with the support of Birmingham Rep, Jacksons Lane, Stans Cafe and Arts Admin, written with Gareth Brierley. Directed by Tessa Walker, sound Fred Defaye, video Rob Kennedy, print design Sadie Cook.

Gareth Brierley

Gareth Brierley


Tour dates are here. the show starts here Christmas 2013.

We’ve  interviewed a taxi driver, an opera singer, a vicar, a philosopher, a seniors group in London, a youth group in Birmingham, some recipients of my acts of kindness, people in London and Birmingham whose lives were affected by the riots, the lovely people at Kindness UK, the charity workers and volunteers at Deptford Charity Shop, Dan Thompson (who started #riotcleanup) and people on the street.

We’re asking everyone this question : Can Being Kind Change The World?

What do you reckon? Let me know in comments   

Thanks for taking time to look. Oh, and I do think it’s possible to change the world by being kind.


email: bernadette@thewhiterabbit.org.uk


@Southbank Centre July 2013

@Southbank Centre July 2013untitled-71