On the 18th August 2011, after a chance encounter in a Post Office, and in response to the 2011 Riots, I decided to do something kind for a stranger every day.

I recorded what I did on Facebook and twitter (#366daysofkindness @betterussell) and in my blog. At the end of the year I was invited to Woolfson and Tay gallery in Bermondsey where I exhibited photos and text from the year. On the last day of the year I “handed over” to my friend Sharon Calcutt who embarked on a year of her own (since then Sharon has “handed over” to Jenni Morris)

After the year was up, I realised that it was the best thing I had ever done, and I’d better just carry on! So I still do it every day (although I don’t post it every day as that got a bit…well… you know…)

Various things have happened as a result of this project:

A children’s acts of kindness activity book published by Ivy Press, called “Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy, “ available here

Interview (and impromptu music lesson) with on BBC Radio Saturday Live with the Milkman of Human Kindness Billy Bragg.

you can listen here: 

PRX Radio documentary made about the year, broadcast world wide, with Kirsty McQuire

you can listen here:

An interactive installation with Deptford X and South Bank Cenre called Dear Stranger. You can see pictures here:

A theatre show, created with the support of Birmingham Rep, Jacksons Lane, Stans Cafe and Arts Admin. Tour dates are here. the show starts here Christmas 2013.


Please have a look at the year’s dairy entries or let us know what you think/have done here

Thanks for taking time to look. Oh, and I do think it’s possible to change the world by being kind.